Croce's Story


Croce’s Chocolates is a brand that exceedingly demonstrates high standards, product integrity and exceptional quality.

At a very young age, Christina (Founder) realized her aptitude for creating confections. With time, her fascination and curiosity grew as she learned that changing the slightest ingredients and temperatures would produce significantly different results. This profound understanding would drive her passion to constantly create and refine thousands of recipes while exploring different techniques, old and new. In 2018, while experimenting, Christina created a product that had a taste like no other, that she had ever tried before. The confection was a light and airy golden Sponge Toffee with a crispy core that would dissolve in your mouth, a truly unique product, unlike traditional Sponge Toffee that is hard and crunchy. The new-found signature Sponge Toffee would become the foundation of her work. After perfecting all of her recipes by 2022, she had decided it was time to start Croce’s Chocolates in her home town of Aurora, Ontario.

Our Name

When Christina was able to create her own version of her mother’s favourite confection, English Toffee, she would never forget her mother’s reaction of joy and astonishment. The elated expression by her mother had left an impression on Christina. It was a sense of accomplishment, validation and, it gave her satisfaction to bring happiness with her confections. Christina credits her mother with being the encouraging figure and role model in her life who continues to cheer her on to explore her passion. Therefore, it was only fitting that she named her confections brand after her mother’s family name “Croce”. The name is regarded as assurance that we will always demonstrate high standards, product integrity and exceptional quality. Likewise, the logo is depicted as a wax seal with a “C”. It serves as a seal of approval that our products are acceptable by Croce’s chocolatiers, as they are guided by their commitment to excellence.

Thank You!
From our Founders

Christina & Alessandro